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Company Marketer - Applicant

Marketer or distributor
$900.00 / Year
Annual Membership
Dues are based on gallons starting at $900. Any person, partnership or corporation that markets and distributes petroleum and related products in CO, WY or other state; possess a wholesale distributors license or a jobber marketing agreement with the master job.

Independent Grocers

$300.00 / Year
Annual Membership

Company Associate - Applicant

Marketing or convenience store products and equipment
$710.00 / Year
Annual Membership
Any partnership, or corporation selling products to petroleum industry businesses including retailers, convenience stores and wholesalers.

Company Supplier - Applicant

Manufacturing, refining and selling
$3,675.00 / Year
Annual Membership
Any person, partnership, or corporation manufacturing, refining and selling petroleum products shall be eligible for supplier membership.