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Benefits Of Membership

Become a CWPMA Member

There are three different types of membership with the association. The type of member you need to apply for depends upon the nature of your business. Each of the different member types are described below; select the appropriate type for more information and a membership application.

Marketer Member

Any person, partnership or corporation engaged in the business of marketing and distribution of petroleum and related products in Colorado, Wyoming or any neighboring state and possesses a wholesale distributors license, or in the case of a sub jobber, a jobber marketing agreement with the master jobber, is eligible for active membership.

Associate Member

Any person, partnership, or corporation selling petroleum products related petroleum marketing or convenience store products and equipment shall be eligible for associate membership.

Supplier Associate Member

Any person, partnership, or corporation manufacturing, refining and selling petroleum products shall be eligible for supplier associate membership.


The Colorado/Wyoming Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association has been the united voice of petroleum marketers since 1934. The Association represents the independent petroleum marketers in the wholesale and retail business of gasoline, special fuel and lubricants. In Colorado our Members sell fifty percent of all gasoline and special fuel sold at wholesale and retail through their own fuel outlets or dealers. In Wyoming our Members sell eighty percent of all gasoline and special fuel at wholesale and retail. Total retail outlets are over 1,200.

We have approximately 150 Marketer members and 170 Associate members in our Association. Our Associate Members are companies or individuals whose services or supplies are sold to petroleum marketers.