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Colorado Legislation

Legislative Regulatory Updates

Colorado Legislation

2019 Colorado Legislative Agenda


EJMT Pilot Project/E-470 Petitioning Authority

CWPMA presented a bill concept at the transportation legislative review committee on August 20th.  Last session, CWPMA diligently worked with CDOT, the Colorado State Patrol and held meetings with other regulatory agencies to move forward our desire to gain increased access to the tunnel. This issue, after our presentation at TLRC, received a lot of attention and at the follow-up meeting concerns were expressed from the city of Aurora, Summit County and CML and CCI.  While CWPMA could have made adjustments to the bill proposal that would have secured passage, that would have meant that we would have tossed away our principles and jeopardized the safety of our drivers.

CWPMA engaged Senator Ray Scott and Representative Julie McCluskie to explore legislation to institute a pilot project for passage of class 1208 hazardous materials through the tunnel.  CWPMA staff presented the idea and, after extensive discussion and revision, the proposal was approved for the agenda by the Colorado Board of Trustees.


The Application of the Petroleum Exemption to Kersey Road

At the request of one of the Colorado members, CWPMA staff gained approval to begin work on an application to Weld County for the inclusion of petroleum products on Kersey Road which is wholly contained in Weld County from Highway 34 to I-76.  Initial conversations with Weld County commissioners have yielded some positive feedback and CWPMA is planning on pushing the issue forward in partnership with CMCA in 2019.

If successful, our distributors will be able to utilize the greatly improved highway for general transit and not just for local pickup and delivery of products.


CDPHE and Fugitive Emissions Inspections

The Board generally opposes having a new stringent set of compliance regulations from yet another agency, and so directed staff to work with the agencies to find an alternative solution.