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Colorado and Wyoming Boards of Trustees have determined that petroleum marketers must be engaged and active in the political arena in order to have the strongest voice available while promoting legislation or attempting to defeat. The realities of the political "game" is that politics is truly NOT a spectator sport. Today's legislator is, by and large, no longer the true statesman and representative of the people that they once were. Legislators that truly listen to constituents and vote their districts, not their own personal beliefs or that of their political party, are unfortunately a rarity. Political parties control far too many legislators when it comes to difficult votes. Traditional notions of having a relationship with your legislator, while still being most effective, must have addition support systems in place to enhance our political voice.

There are no limits on what an individual can give to a PAC. Only individual contributions (i.e. not corporate) can be utilized for candidate contributions.  Organizations are prohibited from making contributions directly to candidates and candidate committees, however, organizations may expend funds as discussed in the link below.


Wyoming Campaign Contribution Limits



Funded: $500.00
Goal: $8,000.00