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Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association

Who We Are

The Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association (CWPMA) has been the united voice of petroleum marketers since 1934. The Association represents the independent petroleum marketers in the wholesale and retail business of gasoline, special fuels and lubricants. Petroleum marketers are made up of locally owned, generational businesses that through branding agreements and supply contracts are partners with gasoline refineries and producers.

In Colorado, our members sell 90 percent of all gasoline and special fuel sold at wholesale and retail through their own fuel outlets or dealers. In Wyoming, our Members sell eighty percent of all gasoline and special fuel at wholesale and retail. Total retail outlets are over 2200.

Our Associate Members are companies or individuals whose services or supplies are sold to fuels marketers and convenience stores.  The fuels market is in transition and Colorado/Wyoming marketers are leading the way from CNG/LNG and even on Cost effective E.V. Charging ports. The fuels marketers are updating stations with new technologies, making stations safer and more electronically secure and are committed to being good community members through supporting the nation's two best environmental Underground storage tank programs. 

Working in concert and partnership with regulatory officials, even when you disagree, is better for our state, our communities, and our businesses long term. Our number one priority     a s an association is to represent our members both legislatively and in regulatory changes so the marketer's voices are heard. CWPMA continually works to promote the fair enactment of state and federal legislation and regulations relating to its members.

Members get benefits through relationships and knowledge. CWPMA believes that involvement and creating relationships with all elected members of your government is what is necessary to protect and promote your interests.  By joining CWPMA, you become an integral part of having your voice heard. Every member makes a difference and benefits.

What We Do

Colorado Wyoming Petroleum Marketers Association is a trade association representing fuel distributors (wholesale and retail) in the states of Colorado and Wyoming.  Our goal is       to promote trade, good policy and sound business principles, and the fair enactment of state and federal legislation and regulations relating the petroleum marketing industry. 

We also offer Associate Memberships and Refiner Memberships that support relationships and good communication between our members and other business groups.  This      includes environmental consultants, tank suppliers, insurance companies, large oil producers, and convenience store suppliers, to name a few.  We value long term relationships with many of our associates.

Each year we bring all of our members together at an Annual Convention and Trade Show.  This is a two day event beginning with a golf tournament and ending with a fun evening of entertainment.  In between we provide educational presentations and a trade show showcasing our vendors.  We have a social event on the first evening, giving everyone a chance to reconnect.